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What We Do

At Krafted Surface Designs we specialise in Venetian Marble Plastering. We create handcrafted bespoke decorative finishes tailored to your requirements. We full listen to what our Clients expectations and visualise, then turn their dreams into reality. We take pride in our work and have a great eye for detail with a passion for perfection in any work we undertake with great satisfaction. We work very closely with you, architects and interior designers right up until completion.

Why Venetian Marble Plaster?

The huge range of colours and finishes that are available with Venetian marble plaster are what will set your interior design apart from everyone else. With a price point that matches or better’s tiles, its quickly becoming the obvious choice.

Because of Venetian marble plasters truly unique and individual nature, no two installations are ever the same. We use our innovative bespoke range of polished plaster finishes and paint effects to give you a truly custom installation.

Our Work

Venetian marble plaster is available in such a wide range of colours and finishes, each being completely unique to your home or business. Simply click the button below to view some of our recent work to give you some ideas and inspiration of what you can achieve by introducing Venetian marble plaster to your property. 

Venetian Finishes

When it comes to Venetian marble plaster, there are many different types of finishes available. Each lovingly handcrafted to perfectly fit your interior design goals. View more of our finishes by simply clicking the button below.


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