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Venetian Finishes

When it comes to Venetian marble plaster, there are many different types of finishes available. Each lovingly handcrafted to perfectly fit your interior design goals. View more of our finishes by simply clicking the button below.

Classic Marmorino

Marmorino is the Classic italian stucco. This is you’re tyipical Italian classic finish, you can have this a Mirror polished finish or a semi polished finish, which will show more detail in the work.


(Wall 2 Floor)
This is waterproof and can be used in Wetrooms, Bathrooms and showers.  Elegant, modern and Versatile, to give that seamless feel.


(Industrial look)
There are many types of concrete finishes, from very rough and grainy to smooth with or with out wax or sealants.


There are various numbers of Metallics around. These finishes are perfect for adding abit of shine and sparkle to your home.


Geometric designs expertly blend the luxurious finish of Venetian marble plaster with clean, modern lines to create an elegant yet striking look for your home. 


Natural Travertino is an eco-friendly, high-grain, trowel-applied, It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in both commercial & dommestic properties. 


(Industrial look)
There are a few types of Oxidation, Rust which is a product we use called Ironic, there are many types of effects we can use with this.


Another type of oxidation to look like a copper effect, with the two tones of Blue and green and getting the right balance for the effect.


Fazenda is a popular and highly textured marmorino finish which can be burnished or unburnished with R-Stone Rosso colours.

Calce Cruda

Is a micro-porous decorative coating with a very natural feel. It is formulated with a combination of hydrated lime, and purified clay, appropriately balanced, allowing excellent workability. This mixture of lime and clay in Calce Cruda is an innovation already getting great reviews.


If you have a business logo that you would like incorporated into a wall design then just ask and we can make this happen. We also have other ranges of patterns and styles, from Italian tiles to indian damask. Using stencils can also make finishes be shaped and in infinite textures and patterns, releasing the creativity of artisans.


This is a traditional Moroccan wall finish originating in the Marrakesh, it has a smooth appearance which is slightly shiny and is used increasingly as a water repellent alternative to tiling in wet rooms, showers, bathrooms and kitchens. Tadelakt is very durable, water resistant but still breathable.

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